Past Imperfect

by Lyra

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released May 6, 2014

Recorded 3/14 by Chris Devona at Lupine Audio in Pawtucket, RI
Mastered 4/14 by Mike Moschetto at The Office Recording in North Andover, MA

Lyra is Michael Dylan Jon Ryan
Tape available through Suspended Soul Tapes and Records



all rights reserved


Lyra Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, RI hardcore. Members of bands you've heard.


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Track Name: Glenoak
I listened to a collection of sad songs
and cried myself to sleep again last night.

I watched them fade away.
It wasn't the first time
and I swear that it won't
be the last time,

That I watch them fade away.

I dreamed of us again,
and it drained me of
any hope I had left.

I don't want to see it anymore.
Love affair I dreamed up in my head.
Track Name: The Weight of Moving
I heard you cried
yourself to sleep when
I moved away.

I was in a state of emergency.
I wasn't meant to stay
in this god forsaken town
with a southern breeze.

Time can change everything.

I've spent too many nights
getting drunk on red wine,
trying to find solace in anything.

I've spent too many nights
getting fucked on red wine
trying to find solace in anything.

I don't sleep anymore.
I just move around above the sheets,
try to find comfort in misery.

The weight of moving constantly
is finally catching up to me.
I'll find comfort in the pain,
I've heard the summers
always good for that.
Track Name: Small Talk
Well, what the fuck am I doing with myself?
I must be running out of places to hide.
And I'm so sorry I can't deal with your problems right now,
I'm busy working on mine.

I don't have the patience.
I don't have the time.
I'll be busy working on answers
while you're stuck wasting time.

I can be your worst friend.
Can I just stay silent?
A few more seconds of this.
Can I just stay silent?

I've had a hard time.
I've been a miserable shit.
It's just hard for me to care.

So, I'll lock myself in my room
and wait for all of my old friends
to call me and tell me
they hate themselves too.
Track Name: Ravenstone
What's written on your ravenstone,
engraved in the brick,
Loving Mother and Wife?

Wipe those tears away.
Don't let me catch them
streaming down your face.

Well let me tell you.
Just let me tell you.
That I'm praying for the best,
but hoping for the worst.
Track Name: Easy Answers
I've been painting pictures
trying to figure out,
just why you left
so quickly.

And I'm coming up short.
I've got no answers
to these questions
that I keep asking.

Like, maybe things will change.
We'll find some answers to these questions.
I'm just tired of watching my friends
cry themselves to sleep.

What am I supposed to think?
I've heard more friends tell me they
would rather die than live in 2013.
Track Name: A Way Out
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Follow my own dirty fears
Away from here.
Away from here.

Close the door.
Wipe your tears.
And maybe one day
we might finally find
a way out of here.

Shattered light bulbs
and dirty mirrors,
a stained blood floorboard.
They've been here a couple years.

There's a place in my head
that I'll find myself.

Light it up
Light it up
Light it up.
In hopes to calm your nerves.
In hopes to find a way out of here.

Sunset, Sunset,
I watched you tear apart this ship,
as you set yourself apart from the rest.
My Sunset.

Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Follow my own dirty fears
Away from here.
Track Name: Imperfect
What if I told you I meant nothing by it?
Just a few mistakes strewn together in all the wrong ways.

Just take a picture and throw it back in my face.

What if I told you I meant nothing by it?
Just a few words on paper.