Family Ties

by Lyra

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recorded 6/11/2013 at Triumph Studios by Tyler Bradley


released July 25, 2013

lyra is michael jon ryan dylan



all rights reserved


Lyra Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, RI hardcore. Members of bands you've heard.


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Track Name: What's Confidence?
How the fuck did you get to be fourty-three and still not know anything. How do you still not know a thing. Dear Iris, I'll just leave this note here, let me tell you exactly how you made me feel. When you talked about choices and how my mother raised me. I feel dead inside for the first time. Where's the last of my confidence. I thought I had some left. With hate, Me
Track Name: Dreamer
I should stop lying to myself I fucking hate this place. Another cold night alone dreaming of your face. I should stop lying to myself I fucking hate this place. Thirty hours North East. My final Escape. I'm still a coward. I'm still a coward. Dreaming of past mistakes.
Track Name: Long Distance
Phone calls to let me know, how sad you've been, make me miserable again. So call me back later, call me whenever. I can't deal with this I don't want to deal with this, right now.
Track Name: Escape
Fuck all the family ties I have holding me here. On this never ending street, in the North East. I'm cold again. I've hit rock bottom. Drinking my fucking day's away. Please don't call me a prince of New England just yet. I haven't adjusted quite yet. To rules of Rhode Island and the men that keep it running all year. Slowly turning down the path of so called righteousness. I'll swallow my insides from lack of control in situations unknown. I'll forget about you for my good. Escape from this town is the only thing driving me away
Track Name: Bastard Song
Depression sinks in, and we got cold in the Texas wind. Our depression sinks in. Hide those pictures of us. Just let them fade in dust. Those times away, the time at sea. I was just wishing you were here with me. Those times away, the time at sea. I was just wishing you were home with me.
Come back to me.
Track Name: Noose
..And it got me nowhere, but it meant everything to you too watch me fail.You saw me suffer and you just stared. You try so fucking hard to make everyone feel exactly like you. Trust, you didn't have to try so hard with me.
Time keeps slipping out of nowhere. Just stare at the noose hanging from the wall. We lost it all..and it got me nowhere. But in times like these you have to take it like it's given, and they gave me nothing.Face your fears. Find a bridge.